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William Shakespeare 


Othello, Roderigo, Iago, Brabantio, Desdemona, Michael Cassio, Emilia, Lodovico and Bianca. 


Othello is a Moor and he’s Desdemona’s husband. 

Brabantio is a Venetician Senator and he’s Desdemona’s father.

Othello’s ensign is Iago. He is the villain of the story. 

Desdemona’s secret lover is Roderigo. 

Iago’s wife is Emilia. 

Othello’s lieutenant is Cassio. 

Cassio’s mistress is Bianca. 

Desdemona’s cousin is Lodovico. 


The story begins when Othello,the Moor,  chooses Michael Cassio as his chief lieutenant and not Iago.So Iago decides to ruin his life with the help of Roderigo,an enemy of Othello.He hates the Moor because he wanted to marry his wife Desdemona.

So they plot his downfall.One day Desdemona,Othello,Cassio,Iago,Roderigo and the other people go to Cyprus for a military defence.Here the Moor organises a party to celebrate their victory over the Turkish fleet and his marriage with Desdemona.For the watch duty there were Cassio and Iago:they had a drink and after that Roderigo and Cassio had a quarrel. It was all part of their plan.The fight was stopped by Othello and he expelled Cassio from his post.

In the morning,Cassio was very disappointed, so Iago suggested him to go and have an interview with Desdemona and talk about his post.After the interview,Desdemona talked to Othello ,but he didn’t understand why she was so worried for Cassio. Meanwhile Iago began his insinuation work: he was planting doubts about Desdemona’s faithfulness in the Moor’s mind.Day by day,Othello becomes very suspicious,but he wanted a proof. Iago said Othello to ask Desdemona to give him her handkerchief.He went and asked but she didn’t wanted to give because she didn’t find it: in fact Emilia picked it up when Desdemona dropped it inadvertently. Another proof was that Iago said to Othello that every night he hears Desdemona’s voice from Cassio’s room.

Now the Moor was very angry and to reward Iago he made him the new lieutenant. The last proof was the conversation between Cassio and Bianca. They were talking about their marriage,in fact Cassio didn’t want to marry Bianca,but Othello was convinced that they were talking about his wife. Besides,Bianca was shaking a copy of Desdemona’s handkerchief,so the Moor ran away.He went in his room,slapped his wife and at night he strangled her in the bed.At last he killed himself with a sword.