recensione del libro scritto da Mary Flagan

di Ujala Khurana

CHARACTERS: Mr Rowell, Mrs Rowell,Jason,Val, Sally,Luke,Mark,Mr Smollett, Mrs Smollett, Mrs Perry and John Crane. 


Val is the main character because she’s writing her diary. She’s 14 years old;

Val’s little brother is Jason. He’s 12 years old and he’s very naughty;

Val and Jason’s parents are Mr and Mrs Rowell. They’re very caring;

Val’s best friend is Sally;

Mrs Perry is their neighbour in Greenhill. She’s an excellent cook;

John Crane is the mayor of the little town;

Luke is 16 years old and he’s Val’s crush. He’s  very handsome;

Luke’s brother is Mark, he’s 12 years old and he’s naughty like Jason;

Luke and Mark’s parents are Mr and Mrs Smollett;

Mr Smollett is the town doctor;

Mrs Smollett’s name is Sarah and she’s Mrs Rowell’s new friend. 


Val’s parents want to move to a lovely house in the countryside. The town’s name is Greenhill. Val isn’t happy because she doesn’t want to leave her friends, especially Sally. But Jason is very happy because he can explore woods and be like Robinson, his idol. 

During her journey she’s writing her diary. This diary is a birthday gift from Jason. 

When she arrives in her new house, she’s very tired and irritated.

In the morning, Mrs Perry brings a delicious chocolate cake for them and Mrs Rowell is very happy. 

In the afternoon, John Crane sends them a message and he invites the whole family to partecipate to a competition of darts. 

Mr Rowell is very happy so he partecipates but he comes second and doctor Smollett wins the competition. 

Val is in love with Luke and their parents become friends,so Mrs Smollett invites Val’s family for dinner at their home.

Val is very excited, but there is a problem: Mr Rowell says to her wife to bake a fruit cake for the Smolletts but she isn’t very good at it. 

So they ask for help from Mrs Perry. She cooks two delicious cakes and the Smolletts love them. 

 The next morning, Luke and Val meet at the supermarket and he invites her for a date at the lake. In fact she goes there in the afternoon and he kisses her.

Val’s very happy. The problem is that she doesn’t want to live in Greenhill forever, but at the same time she doesn’t want to leave Luke.

After a few days, her parents decide to return to their old flat in the city, so she writes a note to Luke with her address and telephone number.